Museum Haaksbergen
Location: Stationsstraat 3, 7481 JA Haaksbergen

  • Parking: opposite station Haaksbergen and at the Parallelweg (next to the steam depot and station yard) there is ample parking space available free of charge. Please don’t forget to display your parking disc.
  • Public transport: if you travel by public transport you may take the bus to Haaksbergen from Hengelo NS station. The bus stop Mr. Eenhuisstraat is just 120 metres beyond the MBS station at Haaksbergen. Please plan your public transport trips all over the Netherlands via


Museum Boekelo (Enschede Municipality)
Location: crossroads of Boekelosestraat and Dirk Papestraat, 7548 AR Boekelo (Enschede).

  • Free parking near station Boekelo: on the Bleekerij road at the former steam bleach works, and along the Boekelosestraat.
  • Public transport: from Enschede Centraal station you take the bus to Borculo to Usselo, bus stop Kerk, from where it is a 14 minute walk to the Boekelo station of the MBS. Please plan your public transport trips via (note: there may be an hourly request “Buurtbus 506” service from Enschede Centraal station right to Boekelo in 2017, operated by volunteers on working days only. The website should inform you).


Salt Industry Halt “Zoutindustrie”
Location: crossroads of Zoutindustrieweg and Oude Deldenerweg, Boekelo (Enschede).

  • Parking: at the Zoutindustrie stop there is very limited parking space.




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